My bread and butter is content marketing: research, insights, content strategy, and content marketing execution & measurement. And it struck me the other day while talking to Alaina, that wearing a cowboy hat is an awful lot like good content marketing.

After a lifetime of being a closeted cowboy hat wearer I finally stepped out into the light… and shielded my eyes with a brand new Stetson. I’d worn a ratty straw hat around the old farmhouse we live in/are fixing up. I’d even worn it to festivals in the summer. But I never had the nerve to buy a decent felt hat to wear to work everywhere all the time. Back in February 2017, during a brief trip to Austin, I bought a Stetson Lariat.

And ate so many tacos. All the tacos. Haven’t taken the hat off much since, and even wore a black one with my tuxedo to the Columbus Symphony Gala, where– among other things– they revealed the new brand I helped create. Yeah, we do brand strategy and visual identity, too.

Two nights later, Alaina and I attended the Short North Gala. After a dozen or so perfect strangers had come up at each event, introduced themselves, and made a comment about my hat, Alaina smiled and said:

“You know, in a year or two, I might get a little tired of people coming up and saying the same thing to you.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Nice hat. Or something like that.”

I smiled back “It’s a great ice breaker, isn’t it?” Then wondered aloud “wait, are you sick of the hat already?”

“No way” she shot back. “You love it. It’s your thing. And you look great in it.”

(good thing you can’t really see me blush behind the beard)

Content marketing reduces the friction between your brand and your audience.

Content marketing (and wearing a cowboy hat):

  • Requires self confidence.
  • Makes a notable statement.
  • Attracts the right people.
  • Gives those people a low-risk way to start or join a conversation.
  • Keeps your head warm in the winter and free from sunburn in the summer. Nope, that’s just the hat.

I’d love to talk about how to activate your band online through some kickass content marketing. Take a look at our work or just give us a call– there’s some damn fine work we’ve done for some damn fine clients but can’t publish online.

P.S. Hat jokes. I’d planned to use at least three hat puns… so I could get a hat trick. But that’s the best I could do. Hat’s off to you if you can find a punny way to tie hats to content marketing.