Taking Time Off

I’m a full-time, not-so-single-anymore dad, married to an incredible, not-so-single-anymore mama. Last year, I took an awesome job at a fantastic company. Last month I walked away from that steady paycheck into the great unknown of grab-n-growl freelancing.

This is the part where other people in similar situations talk about how crazy that decision sounds. How scary it is. How they took some time off to reflect. To think. And then they came to some eureka moment, and discovered their purpose in life. Know what I did? Nothing (except take care of my kids). No deep thoughts about my purpose in life. No angst-ridden, sad Seth on a park bench. Why? Didn’t need to. Happiness, purpose, and meaning aren’t some mythical creatures out there waiting for us to find them. We have to make them. I’m going to make music. And some leather briefcases. And a music venue (maybe). And do some marketing strategy & copywriting. Above all, though, I’m going to grow some humans (our kids). They’re pretty rad already, but we’re not done with them yet.

What’re you going to make?

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